6 vital rules for online business domain name - part 3 (of 3)
By Shlomo Freund

5. Choosing differnet "version" of the same name like "The","My" or plurals.

Plural version of a websites is VERY confusing therefore should be avoided,Unless you can get both the plural and singular version of that domain name.

If you choose to buy "myhouses.com" insted of houses.com you should promote the website name with that affix. If not....yes, you guesses...more traffic to the competitior.

6. choosing a .com .net .org ?

Most of the people i know simply assume that a domain name for acertain website is mywebsite.com if not stated otherwise. therefor a .com is the most preferable one unless you have a local bussiness and you want people to know that. If i have a local bookstore i'd buy bookstore.uk if i'm aiming the british audience and not bookstore.com . which would aim to an american audience or an international audience.

On the other hand most of the broser assume automaticly that each site ends with a .com extantion and complete that on the URL address line. so .com is defently most reccomended. If you cant get it remember to promote your business website with the full extension. going back to the local book store example , i decided i wanted to go international,but bookstore.com is already taken. Choose bookstore.net and promote your website name with the .net extention and not just "bookstore".

To sum it all up,my opinion is that you should choose the right domain name before deciding on your bussiness name. it can sometimes be very hard getting the domain name you like and can be very expensive. so if you haven't chose a name for your bussiness you can be more flexible about it. Having a "bad" domain name and then trying to move to a "better" one couses you to loose a lot of old costumers and costumers ending up on your competitors website.

two more things:
ask your family and friends about thier opinion on your domain name. What seems to you acceptable good name would sound bad to someone else. ask different people in different agas so you get a view of different audiences.

Don't use the name of a well-known company or product, or any variation of that name, in hopes of attracting people to your site. Not only is this unethical, but it may subject you to legal action.

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