6 vital rules for online business domain name - part 2 (of 3)
By Shlomo Freund

3. choosing a Hyphenated or non-Hyphenated domain Names?

Hyphens on domain names are easily forgotten and your users might endup on your competitiors website.alos when people who visited your website refer to it and tell about it to other people they would not say the domain name with hyphens. they would say: "i visited houses for sale dot com , yesterday. it really great" their freinds would type into the URL address in thier browser housesforsale.com and not houses-for-sale.com

The thing is a LOT of the time the non-hyphenated version of the domain name is taken already and if you need that name really badly that's the only way getting it for a reasonable price. i'd suggest go to the domain name owner and try buying it from him on a fair price before you buy the hyphenated one. If he disagree or the price is too expensive but it right away after talking to him. seeing that the hyphenated version of that domain name already taken be someone would make him to quote even a higher price.

4. choosing a brand name or a generic name

remember, it's all about marketing , so you need your costumers to remember you. having general name like houses.com is very expensive since it's already taken. If you think about it again,when your costumers think about your business they are thinking about it's name and not on the general word "houses".

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