Is higher commision always bettter
By Shlomo Freund

Choosing the right product to promote is the key for making good earnings in affiliate marketing.

Most affiliate will choose products that you get high commission for, which is the right thing to do.

But, What you do if you have two affiliates programs , both paying the same amount to their affiliates, but one pays 50% commission and the other pays 75% commission. One should definitely choose the one that pays 75% because it means the product is cheaper for the costumer so more costumers can afford to buy it. Meaning more profit to you!

If you think about it and take it a little step further, sometimes it's even better to get less commission for a product and considering it's finite price to the costumer.

Considering promoting a product that pays $15 commission, which is 75% of the products price, for every sale. Hence, the total price of this product would be $20. Verses a product that pays $20 commission, which is 60% of the product price, for each sale. Hence the total price of this product would be $33.33.

The latter is much more expensive for the costumer. If the products have the same features, give or take a few, there is really no reason for him to choose the expensive product. It's 67% more expensive! Eventually, you , as an affiliate will earn less promoting that product. Less people will buy it.

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