how to find effective negative keywords
By Shlomo Freund

How to find effective negative keywords?

In order to bring targeted and effective traffic you need to exploit the great flexible features Google AdWords gives you.

I'll talk about some of the important features, and show you how to exploit them better for your needs resulting a rewarding revenue.

I'll show you a trick how to find effective negative keywords for your campaign.

How to find effective negative keywords?

When going into you AdWords Google account , one of the features Google gives you is adding negative keywords. These keywords give you the opportunity to get more targeted traffic.

For instance, Let's say you are promoting an e-book. This e-book, of course, costs money(otherwise you wouldn't have been promoting it probably :) ).You wouldn't want your ad to appear for someone's searching "fre*e e-books" since the chances for him/her to buy that e-book are very low.

Adding the word "fre*e" (use "-free", to add it as a negative keyword) will cause your ad to not appear for this keyword search.

Now, this is something most affiliate do, they put the word "fre*e" as a negative keyword usually and finish their work on finding more.... What they missing is that there are a LOT of other keywords which can also be relevant as negatives. Someone selling an e-book about making money as an affiliate marketer , should also add negative keywords such as surveys, gambling ,offline, etc' and there are a bunch more.

I admit that thinking about those negatives is hard and not very trivial. Google keyword tool can solve some of that problem. When you insert your keywords and ask the keyword tool to give you more relevant keywords you shouldn't automatically accept them all, some of them would just be a waste of money. What you need to do is to read that list carefully. Decide which keywords are relevant, the non-relevant keywords might be good candidates for your negative keywords list!

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