how to find those unique keywords
By Shlomo Freund

In order to bring targeted and effective traffic you need to exploit the great flexible features Google AdWords gives you.

I'll talk about some of the important features, and show you how to exploit them better for your needs resulting a rewarding revenue.

How To find Those Unique Cheap Keywords?

Most affiliate marketers use those freebie tools for generating their keyword list. Now, Think about it. The same as they do there are also many many others that did the same (maybe you did it too already). They all put in one or two general keyword from their merchant website and get from Google or other sources more keywords.

So, if everybody use the same tools and generate the same keyword lists no wonder each click costs a fortune.

I use a different method. I use a very powerful tool. it's my brain! 1st of all i look at the website i chose and try to think of different keywords with will be relevant for advertising it. Only then, I go and insert my own generated list to a keyword generator tool to expand it. This results that my couple original keywords might not be widely used and the automatic keyword tool list might not also.

It's very important to do this process BEFORE you try the various keyword tools. This will cause you to be biased and not having original ,unique thinking.

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