writing your articles
By Shlomo Freund

Part of doing good business marketing is giving good quality content to your readers. Sitting and writing content all the time can be VERY tedious , and a lot of concentration is required.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get those articles and reviews DONE!

1. Get ready for working

This means getting the least interruptions from the environment or things that can distract you. Go into a comfortable quiet room , turn on some music you like. Have something to drink right beside you and start working.

2. Turn off all those chat programs ( Messenger, google talk , icq, etc.. )

They are all great time consumers. Just answering a short "hi" makes you switching between windows and disturbs your concentration ( I'd say you should turn off your Internet while writing your content, but most people need it to search for ideas and info.

3. Decide that no matter what, you are writing one article a day.

Pretty obvious, no?

4. Use a check list

Whenever i finish a task ( which in this case is an article or a review) I'm checking it off. If you can't handle the task: "Write an article" because it's too general or too big, split it to smaller tasks like: Finding info for the article, writing 1st paragraph, writing 2nd paragraph, etc'...

Right after finishing that task check it off on your checklist, it gives a great feeling of achievement and encourage you to finish your other tasks.

Personally I'm using Vitalist.com to manage my tasks , but anything can be right for that, Microsoft outlook or a piece of paper.

5. Use a stopwatch ( or use one of the many online stopwatches).

Stopwatch helps achieving 2 things. First, it makes you see exactly how much time you really worked on your task (If you have something you need to handle while writing, just stop the watch and start it again when returning to your work). 2nd, you'll feel more committed to the working time while a stopwatch is running , you'll want to prove yourself you are exploiting time properly.

Now, go and get those articles done with... :)

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