Why ClickBank is a good place to begin your internet marketing bussiness
By Shlomo Freund

Why ClickBank is a good place to begin your internet marketing business?

ClickBank is by far the most popular arena for vendors and affiliates doing business. As an affiliate it's very easy to open an account and begin working.

ClickBank Lets you choose from 10k of products (as they state) and by a few clicks getting your affiliate code. No need to contact the merchant or ask his permission, it's all automatic and easy.

ClickBank deals only with digital products like software, E-books and Data base searches. Therefore it's easier for a buyer deciding he or she wants to buy a certain product.They pay and download it immediately and dont have to wait for a delivery or confirmation as apposed to a non-digital product.

That's the good part of it. The bad part of it is that you get a higher percentage of refunds,take that into consideration, but this fact shouldn't put you off when using ClickBank.

When Using ClickBank you define What's the minimum amount of sales they will send you a check for. They take a commission of $2.5 for each check they issue, so consider not stating a low amount like $20 since it will be a large portion of your sales. Stating a high amount will cause your checks coming only once in a while. On General ClickBank is Very precise. If you reach the minimum amount you defined , you'll get a check EVERY 2 weeks.I'm using them for a long time already, there was NEVER a problem.

Clickbank now Offers also a good interface for following your sales.You can set up a tracking code which is special for clickBank, and know exactly where your sale came from. so no need to use other tracking methods (like google tracking code*) anymore.

* google tracking code is generated through Googles' adwords system. You need to ask the merchant to add it to their website in order to follow your sales from adwords.Meaning you are dependent on the merchant goodwill to really do it.

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