Action of infinity - part 1 (of 3)
By Shlomo Freund

THE issue in Internet marketing is testing. It's an infinite work with small steps of improvement.It really doesn't matter if you are an affiliate marketer with a small Adwords campaign or a big company which has a huge website with thousands of visitors. Both need to make tests and optimize their marketing platforms according to their users.

This is different from optimization for search engines which solely aimed to machine in order to get a better rank on organic search results.

Different tests should be done when you have an online business. The real satisfaction is seeing your success percentage increase beat by a beat, and it's all because of your infinite testings.

Let's talk about testing your mailing lists messages.

So, what's to test on an email messages?

1. Subject Line

When sending an email to your mailing list The first thing they see in their inbox is the subject line. There are different issues on how to write your subject line and try to convince your subscribers to open your emails. I'll update about that on following email in the future.

When working with an auto responder you have an option of sending HTML messages or text messages. On HTML messages it's pretty easy to make the test. The auto responder calculates for you what's the CTR.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of people opened the email message from the grand total of people who got the email.

If you work with text base emails this possibility does not exist but you can test the same thing indirectly and get a good approximation. check out the next paragraph...

2. Email Content

When writing an email made especially for your subscribers list, you should add some links in that email. you'll be surprised that users even click on links that seem unimportant, such as "back to home page link".

Since you know how many people got that email and you know how many people clicked that link you can calculate your CTR. again, this system is not accurate since a user can open the email and not clicking the link, but it's good enough for a rough estimation.

You can even enhance the test and give the same link to the same destination on different positions in the message. Then you add a special tracking code (each auto responder has this option) enabling you to see on which of the links people clicked.

Email test are very important. This way you get to know your subscribers and see what's their interests. The next stage is sending offers to these people you know already....then marketing is much easier.

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