Grab The Shape And Rule the Web!
By Shlomo Freund

What's The most important thing to consider when building a website?

The site's design? colors? maybe the Links to other websites? The answer is simple and Obvious: people want content, and look for good content on your website. Nevertheless not all parts of the content get to be seen evenly.

After an eye tracking study, Jakob Nielsen's company discovered an F-shaped pattern readers follow when looking over a web page.

Have a Look at my blog to watch these patterns at:

Readers have learned to surf the web efficiently and therefore when surfing into a website a scan for the appropriateness of the text is made. As mentioned the eye scans the page in an F shaped pattern.

This means that when you want to make people see what you have to say, put it right in front of them. Don't make them search for the info, give it to them straight away! Use this pattern and put the most important text, offers and headlines according to that pattern.

The study shows that only 16% of the online users read the text fully, the rest just scan it.

In Order to make people read your content to the end of it, offer them something at the end. Some people might just go straight to the end of your page, but if the content is relevant and interesting more users will read through it fully.

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