Why More Is Less?
By Shlomo Freund

In Internet marketing world "more" in many times means "less". Investing your time in many small websites is a good strategy. You get to have a lot of small websites each bringing you a relatively small amount of income. The good thing is that if you choose to work on few websites at a time and one of those stops generating an income you have other websites that might rise and generate more income instead. This happen due to market fluctuations and trends that exist in every market.

When you work on so many websites at a time the result is some of them are "slim" websites probably. It means they don't have content. It's just a website with a single or double web page.

Slim websites are nowadays much harder to advertise (but not impossible). Advertisements using Google Adwords became very expensive for these kind of websites. Google knows that it's costumers are interested in content and not slim websites trying to sell products. Slim pages are also ranked worse on Google.Many Internet marketers call this issue "The Google slap", which began towards the end of year 2006.

Therefore, When thinking about your future Internet kingdom think about a few websites you put all your effort in and bring you a large income. A Website that is based on strong foundations of content , is ranked well, its advertising costs are cheaper and it also sells better. It will also survive the markets fluctuations.

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