The Secret Sub-parameters of Affiliate Programs
By Shlomo Freund

Affiliate marketing is rough! But there are ways to make it much easier. There are some components you should check when choosing an affiliate program that can make your marking efforts significantly less difficult and more effective.

These components do not depend upon your effort but on the merchants you try to promote. They have a lot of power in their hands, while affiliate marketers are dependent on them.

For instance, merchants can change their sales page if needed, they know exactly how much they sell and which product is selling best. Don't be afraid to ask the merchant about those parameters to know if it's worth promoting his products. Don't work for nothing!

So, when choosing an affiliate program, be sure to check the following components to make a better decision on where to turn your marketing efforts.

1. Website conversion rate

How good is the conversion for a certain product or the website?
If the rate is too low, don't bother promoting it. If you still want to promote the product because you think it's a great one, offer the merchant to make some changes in his website that you think will increase conversion. Ask him if he makes split testing on his web pages.

2. Training

Try to request some training from your merchant. He knows the best way to promote his products and can tell you if you should focus on Pay Per Click marketing, articles or blog marketing.

3. Merchant support

Well...this component is a must, concerning the other 2 components I just mentioned. Check that the program you choose has proper support. You need someone to consult with if you have problems in your campaign or if you see sales are dropping.

Also if you decide you want to use conversion tracking, you need someone to help. Merchant support can also help you to make decisions on how best to market the product or program as I mentioned before.

These components are the "sub-text" of the program. Don't neglect it, but check it fully before starting to promote the product. Only after you discover that the product's parameters are good and the service is flawless, start your actual promotion efforts.

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