Spread Your Links Everywhere!
By Shlomo Freund

As I mentioned in my report- http://www.cbnotifier.com/FreeReport.asp and Previous articles there are many ways to make money over the web. Each way is used for different purposes and has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Today I'll talk about Forum marketing. When i started working I didn't see it as a marketing tool but just as a tool for getting info. But Forum marketing is certainly a fre.e good tool an affiliate marketer should use. It main disadvantage is that it requires time and some effort, but the reward is well worth it.

The main advantage of a forum is that you create long term relationship with other people which later might become your costumers. When posting on a forum and giving good info to other people you build your reputation.

The way to bring added value to your reputation in a forum is by adding a link to your signature. You can put your website address or just a link to an affiliate program you joined.

Previously I thought that the signature in my emails or messages I post in forums, are just nice to have... Not any more! People who want to get to know you better after reading your posts, WILL click the links there and see what you have to offer and what projects you are involved in. It's like part of your business card.

This may bring some interesting opportunities.....and more sales!

Here's another Tip, put your link on the comment line of your instant messaging software.My links are always there.

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