flying to the moon with no expenses
By Shlomo Freund

How much you spend buying your favorite chocolate bar? 50 cents? 80 cents? one dollar?

People think that when you want to build a successful Internet marketing business you need to invest a lot of money like a realbusiness. This is not necessarily true.

Practically, one can decide he spends nothing(!!!) when building hisInternet marketing business and still make a very nice income.
The reason is there are many ways to advertise yourself on theInternet for free, such as forums, blogs, discussion groups and emails.

When you decide you need to spend money here, it's usually because sometimes it's a quicker way than the freebie options, but itdoesn't mean it's impossible. If you have no cash to spend, youcan begin without having expenses at all.

Here's an example: Let's say you are promoting space flights to the moon because you think it's a great product. All you have to do isgo to a space travelers forum and start talking about that product.

When you create the buzz around it and it sounds interesting,people will start talking about it among them and tell their friends about it.

A different way is being active on that forum and just adding alink on your signature file to that company's website. another ideais to start writing about trips to the moon on your Blog, and add the link there. There are many other ways, you just have to becreative about it.

When you do get some income after a while you can start investingmoney in your business and moving faster towards your financial freedom.

Give it a try!

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