"Having The Time of Your life"
By Shlomo Freund

Here's a Cliche: Time is valuable. It's the only resource that is not renewable. Therefore we need to utilize it fully at all times.

What's the meaning of utilizing our time? It means we do things we want to do according to the goals we want to achieve in life. It's all a matter of priorities, of course.

One decides he wants to be a good football player, therefore he'll practice for long hours to achieve that. Another person who wants to be a famous mathematician, will learn for many years in university for that.

Many people ask me how much time you need to invest in order to be a successful Internet marketer, so they'll know what's the cost and prioritize their time.

Surely, There is no single answer for that. It all depends on your will of success. When i'm working on a new project it takes many hours of my time. A project can be a new campaign for a new product, a new website I just launched or marketing a new product I created. When this project is over and running, I get to work much less. I'd say on general, that to get to a real achievement in Internet marketing, at the beginning one should invest 10-20 hours per week at least.

You can find Internet marketers working much more time than that, and that's fine, it all depends how much time they want to invest.

The reason for working long hours is because new projects require a close supervision of performance. These are very critical at the beginning of a project. Later on, less time is required, the project is stabilized and running, so only fine tuning is required, Just a few hours a week for all the projects.

In My opinion, Internet marketing projects worth the investment of time. Some project can bring huge income over time so they defiantly worth the effort. It's like a long term investment and it's a lot of FUN!

give it a try!

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