5 billion in one year
By Shlomo Freund

50 Billion $$$$ in one year?!

This amount is the total roll over*** ( megalgel )*** of money in internet marketing bussinesses on 2006.

If you downloaded CBNotifier you probably know already what is clickbank,If not check it ***here***

ClickBank is defently one of the best ways to begin being an affiliate marketer.I'll talk about it's benefits in the future.But,Clickbank is not the only way,there are a few more i'll talk about.

First thing which is VERY important,don't be afraid to jump into the water. The onse that don't try never fail,but also never succeed...dont worry,you can begin with a tiny budget and keep things small when trying various strategies,niches and markets.

When I started I made those begginer mistakes. So try to learn as much as you can from other marketers . I'm sure you also going to make a few of your own,but that's inavitable and part of the learning proccess.

Remember by making those mistakes, it means you are learning and progressing to your financial independence.

Keep in mind,as i quoted,we are talking about a HUGE global market here, so there is enough for everybody....:)

Although competition is rough , the key element in Ineternet marekting,is NEVER stop testing. This is really the essense of it all. after your test and something works well you procced to the next stage.

You have to build your business brick by brick. One step at a time. You start at the base of the ladder first. Everyone who succeeded in life have start at the base. Thats a fact of life. Like the man you are today start as a baby.

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